Saturday, 21 March 2015

Investor review

One is always right to be cautious as far as markets are concerned. One notices a lot of manipulation , government intervention included . Your own investment decision will depend on the timeline you wish to invest for and the timing of the investment itself , of course .
I am long the euro , a rare incursion back into cfd territory .
During the eight years since 1928 that the S&P started with three-day losing streaks, the index has returned 8.36% on average. For all years since 1928, the S&P has returned 7.53% on average.

Well done on keeping a tight reign on profits , which puts you in the 10% .

Looking at markets on expects the current bull run to continue , as re older posts . ( 2034 ) .

One should seriously be looking at all materials now , the downside on oil and gold/silver should be limited to about 20% and the upside appealing .

Good luck all and May 

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