Sunday, 29 March 2015

Diary Of An Investor

Waiting waiting and waiting .
  LED suspension when will it end ? Expected end of april approximately .
    BKSA ditto and CLP , well that`s anyone`s guess , whether Mr Villa ever sorts out good value for shareholders in the long run .
  OXS should be very soon , within days /weeks also
So excitement is around the corner on all fronts . Patience , patience , patience .
  Having decided to move some funds across from OXS to Sopheon , so far a reasonable move as SPE is showing great momentum .

 The bull run continues , albeit with the odd correction . Having recently gone long the euro , which I am hoping to make profit from , a rare thing in cfd puts/calls .
Oil $57 Brent seems a reasonable starting point for any beginner and long term should pay nicely .
Gold/ Silver @ $1200 long term also looks ok . Therefore you can buy any oil/gold miner today and feel your way upward . Of course choosing the right stock is critical .

 Well done Dave , on a nice buy back in to Premaitha , caution required as news can be quite a  driver on such a tiny stock . I recommend you read up on Aortech International , which seems to have followed the same path over the years .

 One heeds Mr Damodaran`s advice and there are no bubbles out there , unless you are a West Ham fan , of course .

    And May

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