Sunday, 1 February 2015

Oxus Gold sniffing victory ?

Well here we are Feb 2015 , three and a half years later . So much for the rapid arbitration promise .
That aside there are several reasons to be cheerful ;
A tearful goodbye to darwin.
Gharains updated file
and last .
 But not least price momentum ( above 3p ).

The promised land seems within our grasp . Still no news on Saidkul Ashurov , come on Islam set my people free .
Will extracting the cash be difficult ? See article on  Foreign trade turnover increasing between Uzbeks and UK .
There are many levers available which may need employ . Every country pays in the end , International pressure is a fine instrument , well tuned in legal circles.

Quantum , well any versed investor will know that 15 to 25% is the norm in these cases . Thus my original thesis back in late 2011 , ie 11.2 p valuation stands . Having been through the success at Metal Tech and Metro Baltic and the debacle of Rurelec . I have slightly increased my valuation , remember I originally didn`t include Khandiza .
Now , with 550million shares the current value per share could be as high as 15.29p .

There are battles ahead , many battles are lost . Don`t dream it`s over , until the money is safetly in your grubby hands .

Good luck all our legal team and BOD and fellow battle worn shareholders.

   And May

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