Sunday, 4 January 2015

Oxus Gold 2015 " Truth or Dare? "

  Many moons ago , when I first assimilated the likelihood of outcome I valued Oxus at 11.2p per share .Time may pass . But , the valuation remains the same , after being through several of these cases including Metal Tech Ltd

 Of Interest ; TAU
  Oxus Gold CLN’s are valued at 22% of face value (around $550,000) for NAV purposes. The company is currently
engaged in legal arbitration against the Government of Uzbekistan in respect to the Amantaytau Goldfields. Whereas
the ordinary shares of Oxus are traded on the London AIM market, the CLN’s are not traded.

Of Interest ; RAB
 6% plus loan notes 
 In addition to the holdings disclosed herein, RAB Special Situations (Master) Fund Limited also beneficially owns a US$6,000,000 convertible loan note maturing on 14/12/2015 and convertible until and beyond expiration. As at 22/10/2014, we estimate this instrument is convertible into a further 47m ordinary shares in the Issuer, subject to agreement on the amount of accrued interest with the Issuer. 
 Elusive MR Gibbons 8 %
 Richard B Shead  2 %

 Many moons have passed , with surges up and down along the way. Momentum this time says in the strongest terms BUY .
 Oxus is about to suffer the takeover scenario , I assume Chinese investors will have all the future fun , in the end .
 Free Said

       And May

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