Saturday, 13 December 2014

Indices & Gold History

Historical Data Chart

              Gold Price History

       Historical Data Chart
              Japan Index History

             Historical Data Chart
           Aussie Index History

      Historical Data Chart
        Last . But not least . China

     Firstly , a re-cap (  The market original thesis of 6100 was correct , will it yet head down to 5800 ?    Time will tell , we are due a Bad Santa attack sooner rather than . Gold meanders down towards        $1000 : )

   Of course we are and should be very pleased History Itself repeats . 2014 DOWN JANUARY POST .

   The future : )  2034 exposed , ie earlier posts have our time-line .INVESTING FOR JOY .

   Gold looks good long term value , even now for 20 years plus investors . For short termers China is the place to be .Although Japan and Australia also look reasonable for a five year term ( or more) .

               And May .


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