Monday, 15 December 2014

AIM best performers a few years ago ,what happened ?

Parkmead Group19.75p2533%
Niche Group 6.93p1747%
Condor Resources9.63p1381%
Beowulf Mining56.75p1319%
Premier Management Holdings2.9p1060%
Triple Plate Junction7.85p947%
DotDigital Group8.62p886%
Mobile Streams31.75p694%
Nautical Petroleum400p673%
Encore Oil116.75p597%
Crosby Asset Management3.3p523%
Mulberry Group1306p507%
Xcite Energy340p507%
Sareum Holdings1.95p500%
GGG Resources31.9p454%
Impellam Group358p434%
Tower Resources7.03p430%
* 12 months to 31 March 2010

The majority have lost value .Lesson . Take your profits and spread your investments.

   And May

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