Friday, 14 November 2014

Plutus Powergen and other Incidentals

What a sublime week and an awesome graph for PPG
  IPSO Ventures left us with £4 million .
    Plutus Resources absconded with £5

The total number of ordinary shares in issue at Admission is 488,313,550, giving the Company a market capitalisation of approximately £2.93 million, based on the placing price of 0.6 pence per share.

  Thus Attune Energy easily worth 1.5p per share .
Momentum may take us to 6p . Depending on newsflow and other investments .

 Actual worth of 1.8p is irrelevant ( re CHA / EMT/ Another  ) . Until the beast awakens ( ie the real value investors ) . One was lucky to find this little beauty , hidden in the undergrowth . Holding on for a long fast ride .
Buy up to 1.8p .

  Peer Tv ,
    Great news , good backers and the upside is phenominal , heard it before . After the rain comes the sunshine and the weather for this one is hot / hot / hot . Valued at half an old english pence per share . . Momentum may usurp that or Hurricane Kartina
Buy up to 0.5p

 Hightex ,
    Market seems to be pricing in relevant issues . Return of cash from Brazil , new sales etc . Actual worth of 0.8p per share may soon be eclipsed by Hitch-hikers and momentum traders .

Fastjet / Slowjet / Rubbish JET
   There is a chance that the recent upswing may consolidate . Don`t hold your breath because this lot seem very apt at losing money for backers . Of which I now join my cousin Dave as .
  Hope and expectation are limited to 2p per share .Until more news of actual progress .

 Other investments remain ,especially BKSA & LED . Patience required .

        And May

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