Sunday, 30 November 2014

Optibiotic Health et al

 Opti Yoghurt Drink

Coincidence ? Rumours of strong buying from a close friend . In a share I already own . Freaky or what ?

Sperati / Teathers

David Parlons and the knox formation .
  As Kentucky seems to be quite a prime target for gas and some oil , one can expect better results this time . Let`s all hope this company doesn`t get blown away by Katrina and the great recess , as the last one did .
 One can only admire Mr Parlons stubborness , or is it stupidity ?


 One day we will be informed of a business deal ,only for the very patient .


 Good value today circa £3 million , if the rumours online are correct . Caution required .


 It`s a long road to arbitration , especially in Uzbekistan .


 Gold still heads south , spasmodically . Markets look as if santa will be in town .
FTSE year gain / level . Correct so far . Well done history .

    And May

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