Sunday, 9 November 2014

LED International Holdings plc & Momentum trading

    Another month of stability reigns at circa 70p . Will it surpass £1 again before Christmas ? Trading suggests yes . So , clamber aboard the China Express . Remember we are still underwritten in cash terms at this point , would you invest £5 million for no profit ?  Fireworks are on the way with the lack of available shares . The climb from 11p upwards has been interesting indeed. Year to date = plus 80% .
   BKSA we await with bated breath a large investment soon.

  The market original thesis of 6100 was correct , will it yet head down to 5800 ? Time will tell , we are due a Bad Santa attack sooner rather than . Gold meanders down towards $1000 .

  Lack of patience cost dear this month and I lost quite a chunk on Alba & RGM . Although both I shall hold for the long term as I see these as temporary setbacks . In fact I added more in Alba at the improved offer price .
  Congratulations to cousin Dave on the uplift in Kalimantan Gold , could be a good few years ahead reading between the lines and the trades . Let`s hope it goes passed 2.65 soon . Good luck , also with NIPT holding well and promising more .

  And May

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