Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bbr391 ` s Blog update 02 / 11/14

  Exciting weeks ahead no doubt . Drills in the south , searching for gas or oil . Gold / Silver heads towards $1000 , still target remains intact . FTSE hits 6100 as expected , will the lower target be reached ? Clarity will be with us after the new year . Heading for 2034 still remains our long term decision .

 Right , Individual shares and where are we ?

   A motley crew indeed. Although this includes oil shares , those whom all should avoid . I was tempted back into alba , which had served us well at the same price as six months ago , pre any drill result stuff .
  Regency mines , I fancy Sudan will be a leg up later , whatever becomes of the UK drill .
Nice to see things moving ahead sweetly at BKSA .
  Shares are still good value , if you hunt in the right place . The pipeline is still somewhat clogged .
Good luck and may your patience be rewarded .

      And may

Addendum :
   This was the list of 3 TJI , HRCO & WRN .
Decided to put the two one can`t invest in yet on for your perusal . One being delisted ( for now ) .

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