Saturday, 11 October 2014

11 /10 /14 Diary of an Investor Continued

 The markets , gold nice little surge above $1300 . Of interest one notices 66% of aim oilies have lost value this year . Market itself is pretty stable , not much gain or loss this year overall . Personally I am still expecting a little downturn or correction at some point this year .Though it will not be large , this is not 2008/9 .

 From earlier this year , well done I .
 Will gold come back down to $1000 ?
. It`s probable but not certain . Personally I am expecting a little drop to FTSE 6100 . That would be my new buy target , for the next few months. . Then the bull run will continue and normality will reign . Historically stocks are still great value and only just  at the median point .

 My personal investments are doing quite well . Hopefully good picking will continue .
Of interest , why are some stocks quoted and yet one is unable to invest in ? Odd occurence that I have run into twice .
Still awaiting a doubling of my available funds , come on Ronan , where`s the cash . Which I have ear marked for two nice investments , the current portfolio remains ;

 This week`s trade LOND , well that was interesting . Having bought at just over 1p and sold for just under 2p , a nice profit of £400 achieved . £300 left running which may have turned out to be a costly mistake . Win some , lose a lot as they say . A little gain is better than losing the lot .It all adds to one`s experience .

          And May

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