Saturday, 9 August 2014

Alive & Kicking . LED continued

   Of Interest , £5 million return from Ronan at Metro Baltic . Expect payment in as couple of months . Then another similar payment in August 2015 .
  A 19p payday now and similar later expected . Total 38p per share.
         Good luck all whom held on to Ronan`s Company .

   LED has become by far my largest holding ,very sweet on contracts appearing soon ( re Emmit ) . Now administration has passed us by and investors are with and not agin us .
  Oxus movement due sooner than later .
  Same with PFP . Patience needed .
  Three other small shares BKSA , HTIG & HCP .

  Others in the pipe .
     The market moves down and returns so far thus year are very limited for the large company investor .

  And May



    Somebody's done very nicely. Chris

    1. Thankyou Chris ,

      Yes and as usual it`s not us poor maligned shareholders .
      Maybe Shorty and Crainey will chuck us a few pence .

      Good luck