Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Diary of an Investor

Metro Baltic      30     %
Pathfinder          17
Oxus                 17
Black Sea          12
LED                    7
Hotel Corp          7
Iafyds                  5

 The awaiting of news is a slow and painful process . Having narrowed down my investments during the week . The land of promise lies ahead . We will ever reach it ? Time will tell .
 Besides having gleaned an approximate date for Oxus . October 2014 for action and panic stations .
BKSA has a new investor from Vietnam , exciting time to come and a return of cash ( yippee) .
 Asides that , news will drive the others in good time .

 The market

 Expect little movement this year continues and gold slide towards $1000 .
In my opinion , of course .

 And May

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