Saturday, 10 May 2014

Metro Baltic Horizons

VE Day - July 15th , 2014

The plot thickens .
 As of today 10th May 2014 , what do we anticipate ?
Current estimation of cash in hand is £8.5 million . Yet , the market has priced us at only £5 million .
Of course , cash is discounted in any company . But , this percentage discount is way too high .

The future ?
  Firstly the matter of the claim against former " Advisors"  . One should anticipate at least another £3 million in the kitty . where two people have trod , a third is bound to follow. This takes us to NAV of 40p . Double today`s price and no effort , marvellous.

Latest news
  New Investor alert , Richard joins Ronan and the team . Now we have two of Ireland`s premium stockbroker`s aboard . What will they decide to do with this oncoming cash shell ? Watch this space and more importantly , watch out for the next RNS .

  Our legal team , whom have all performed so well . Notably , Barnaby C Stueck & Leona Powell et al . Keep up the good work.
 Final mention to our Board Tim , Brendan and Philip . All of whom have played their part .

    And May

 Shareholders List
Pershing International Nominees                   56.52
Halb Nominees Limited                                      7.88
Chase Nominees                                                  5.77
Idealing Nominees Limited                                 5.36
Sensan Investment Holdings No 1 Ltd            11.6
Worldwide Opportunity Fund (Cayman) Ltd   15.85
Richard Goodbody (St Stephen`s)             3.56
Ronan Reid                                             2.29
Total                                                   108.83
                     Shares will be hard to come by from now on in .

And of course from 2014 accounts ;

   The Company is currently in a strong cash position with cash, including restricted cash held with the Isle of Man Court pursuant to an Order for security for costs or with legal advisors, of approximately €8.8m as of today's date. 


  1. Not sure whether met really has a future post litigation settlement. Ronan is far too busy. Just wants to move on and return cash back to holders. BTW where did you get the holdings statement from?

  2. Anon ,
    On the first our opinions differ .
    Holdings are obtained through morningstar.

    Good luck ,