Saturday, 1 March 2014

£100,000 Buy


   So, The investors heating up apace in Sacoil .Oil shares are notoriously eclectic . But , such good news post suspension is missed at your peril .Having already attracted several large investors . One can only wonder what`s up Doc ?
  Large investors rarely pay the earth to get into such a minnow , all this current interest can only mean one thing . It is undervalue at the current price . Do not miss out .

Equatorial Palm Oil

  A nice stable share for the investor , that likes it slow and careful / acreful .Now they are back in business and the anticipated law case did not arise . Momentum should slowly drag this one back up to a more relative to acreage price . As with Sacoil , backing is the key and having an investor with deep deep pockets can only be good for the future .

Metro Baltic Horizons

  Stability reigns here at waiting for an out of court settlement from several investors . As the current price is underwritten by cash , the only way is up or at least / worst even . When we finally get de-listed .

Pathfinder Minerals

  A very interesting share ,with total lack of market interest at present . Even with Henry Bellingham aboard , when interest resumes . Which I expect within three months , we will all look at a missed opportunity , ie 0.4p level buying continues .

Oxus Gold

 It`s been a long road and this year is the year of The Ox . Great news will be upon us soon enough .

  And may your Prophet go with you

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