Saturday, 22 February 2014

Shareholding reprise 23/02/14

The shareholders lot is a confusing and sometimes amusing one , as market tribulations skew expectations .
1 Rurelec ; At present well under value and likely to remain so ,until good news flow begins , which should be within the next few months.  BUY
2 Sacoil ; Well above the 2.5p valuation ( ie 3.5p at present and on a charge to infinity and beyond.)One supposes South African pension Funds know what they are investing in . HOLD.
3. Equatorial Palm Oil ; Nicely stable and an expected take over offer increase due any day of between 7.2 & 9p .
4.Pathfinder Minerals : Real power now aboard gives the investor a good feeling that nice times are ahead .STRONG BUY.5. Henry Bellingham - Conservative MP for North-West Norfolk - Shares in Lansdowne Advisory Ltd - clients include Cinven. Cinven has been involved in European healthcare over a 20-year period and invests in market-leading, cash-generative companies.’ Cinven is a leading buyout firm.
5 Metro Baltic Horizons ;A little recent trading gives hope that the big news will be with us soon .STRONG BUY .
6 Churchill Mining ; Is going thus far as anticipated .I have now pretty good estimates of top & bottom for final resulting award price tag .STRONG SELL .
7 Oxus Gold ;Well this should be the year of the Ox ,legally speaking , a good case with fruition on the immediate horizon .HOLD
8 Plaza ; Extraction from the parent is a painful and ongoing saga ,with resolution true value will become more apparent . BUY
9 Ilika : Being a new kid on the block , I have high hopes That the technology will come to make us all proud. BUY.

The market and golden expectations , well $1300 is upon us again .Gold has a great pension fund glow (25 year horizon ) .No great upswing expected . But, stability between $1150 & $1400 .
FTSE . I estimate around 6000 , as a great buy in point this year.

My portfolio is showing up nicely at around 15% up .Despite the recent Rurelec debacle. Sacoil and Pathfinder to the rescue. Let the good times roll .#
And may your Prophet go with you .

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