Thursday, 30 January 2014

Rurelec ( In favour ruling ) ? History guide.

From 13p to £1..
 That is with we manage to follow the line that Avesco did. The only share I can find with a reasonably similar history.
  A favourable ruling ,should give a least 33% gain , on the day .From there it`s all about market sentiment ,which once in your favour keeps on driving up the share price.
 So , It`s worth keeping hold , as many shares as you can for at least a year .
   $0 = 50 % loss
  $ 20= 25 % gain
  $ 40= 33% gain
  $60 = 50% gain
  $80= 50% gain
      Do not expect all the gains in one day .Momentum shifted up above 15p , is a long term game changer .

Will it happen today ? Courts are notoriously unreliable when it comes to timing .Although an RNS from the company is expected.

 Good luck

 Of Interest , the "no-one knows " conundrum.
One can be sure the Arbitral panel know and most probably the lawyers .That would explain the difficulty in shorting this share for Mr M .Perhaps they have too many friends.

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