Sunday, 19 January 2014

19/01/2014 Update EOY Targets

MET ( BUY )Target 36p As the hardest thing is to sit and hold , through the eye of the storm and the storm continues. Although trading volume is a good sign . It`s almost impossible to know what`s going on with this share , until it`s too late to react. Two years down the line and just a little upward turn thus far achieved . RUR ( BUY ) Target 26p The news has been ultra-transparent on this one . So , no excuses for not knowing that the next few weeks ,should be extremely entertaining . Good luck all ,especially , Steve /theblue/swooped/here and now and others . Fellow believers in Peter Earl ( despite the dodgy barnet ) . CHL ( SELL ) Target 16p As usual following the history line of International arbitration is confusing investors .A long way to go until this one comes anywhere near resolution. Funny how you always get such a nice reaction , when you post in red .Is human nature that averse to the red colouration ?
 OXS ( BUY ) Target 11.2p This should be the year of the Ox ( not the horse ) . a very pleasing uptrend achieved since last year and now the similarity to Aurum has been completed . Although I must add my target my be a tad optimistic on this one . All is clicking into place very very slowly .
 PFP ( STRONG BUY ) Target 2.1p The chart and price action on this one is excellent , for buyers. Expect a couple of weeks with not much occurring . Before a strong upward spiral . Compromise is in the air , at last .
 PAL ( STRONG BUY ) Target 8.2p This as you should all know is under offer and it`s looking as if the BOD are about to sell us out . Too cheaply for my liking. I was hoping for arbitration . But , KLK got in here too soon . --------------------------
 THE MARKET As usual one will wait til the end of february for the overall target . But , at the moment one has a feeling that this year will be pretty even to slightly negative for the main indices ( except China & Asian stocks )See China on a plate (earlier post). Of course this means gold stable at above $1000 . As European deflation is the only fight , still ongoing , expect calm and tranquility . Estimate FTSE high 7200 , low 6090 . And a gradual letting off of quantitive easing ( money printing ) to continue this year in the USA . Of Banks Lloyds is still the favoured one of the big 3 . Although NBG , is the only one I remain invested in ( For now ) . Good luck all and , May Your Prophet go with you , bbr391

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