Sunday, 22 December 2013

22 /12/14 Arbitration and other things ( ALM )

    Rurelec heads up , before the end of January result due .
  Hoping for success , ie a good compensation amount .Volatility will ensue from now on .Remember only the brave succeed . But , always be prepared for failure.
  First move , as expected is downwards .Expect 9p as the best possible price of entry . Although I will be adding at 11p , if we get there . Best of British all shareholders of this one .

  FTSE never made it to 7200 , a tad disappointing .One forgets that it is a bit more material based than the Dow .Gold breakout below $1200 achieved . waiting for under $1000 , as a re-entry point in the future.

 Seasons greeting to all , whom follow my blog .  And of course ;

       May your Prophet  go with You

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