Saturday, 2 November 2013

The National Bank of Greece ?

  Aiming for 2030 , my first real long term asset purchased at $5 .
Why this Bank . Two excellent reasons have led me to this share`s doorway .
Firstly , always buy at the time of most fear , box ticked . Dilution done , box  ticked .

  Now , the future , as I am sure you are aware NBG  is connected to Turkey , as I assume within ten years Turkey will become part of the wider European community , there is huge profit to be made here for us long term Nannies .
  As , for valuation , we will let the market decide , currently I have a medium term target of $17 , dependant of course on no break up . That will only increase if good / bad bank scenario comes into play . Which I doubt will occur .
  Of course , you are going to need to be very patient with this share . Good luck all my blog followees .

   and may your prophet go with you ,

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