Friday, 15 November 2013

The elephant in the room USA 16/11/13

Dear Investor ,
   Happy days for the bulls continue . But , as usual caution is needed around every corner , history tells us three years time will be a great time to buy . That`s Christmas 2016 , make sure you have your cash in hand .
   That means the next two years are bully led . So , I am still fully stocked up , until Christmas 2015 . Good timing as my arbitration cases should all be over by then .
    Listed in expectation of delivery ;
                      Metro Baltic
                      Gold Reserve
                      Non arbitration / litigation 20 %

More on the agenda ......................

  The best laid plans etc . As , we know we have 60% chance of success three out of the five should be very likeable , I have kept Metro Baltic at 33% and will continue to up , if required . The others have a fraction more dubiousness involved , it always pays to be wary .

  Now , the market new highs , yawn . Will we reach 7200 FTSE , by the end of the year , America as usual leads and the world follows , always keeping an eye on China . Shanghai index is still around the 2000 mark , plenty of upside to 6000 / 2007 . If you are an index man / woman . I recommend China as your retirement play .
  As , we are still fire-fighting deflationary pressures , expect as I wrote earlier in my blog more  QE , from Europe . It is their turn after all . Perhaps more bond buying from the ECB or something of that ilk .
  Back to the present and the material connotation , materials continue to stabilise at current levels , metalwise .Softs have their own agendas of course .

   Happy trading and may your Prophet go with you .


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