Sunday, 24 November 2013

Personal Research will be updated around New Year 2014

My research from 2009

My first purchase of shares was a bit daunting.
Having stepped into the cold water on this date,I have learnt oodles.
Being overall in slightly positive territory, thus far.It should have been oh so much better.
One learns to one`s cost that overtrading is costly.The contract for difference experience also.
Both have cost dearly so far.

Time for change ;
Make your choice (on individual shares ) and sit and hold.This applies particularly to small shares.Not so with larger one`s which ,on the whole follow the indexes.
Indexes are a safe place ?
  Dow Jones Estimates ;        At end of year :

                      2013           14,000
                      2016           20,000
                      2019           24,000
                      2022           28,000
                      2025           35,000
                      2028           42,000
                      2031           53,000

       This is allowing for no overshock,as experienced in 2009.. Although by 2031 we may be pretty close to another one.So,always be prepared.
 Bottom estimate 2031 could be as low as 20,377.

    History ,as usual is a great guide.Use it to your own advantage and always keep your beady eyes on the market discombobulations.

                       Happy days for bulls , not so happy for bears.

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