Saturday, 2 November 2013

Exciting Oxus , Metro Baltic & Rurelec . November 1 , 2013 . Happy days ahead .

 Good news seems ever more imminent .Which will be first to conclude of the three ?

Rurelec ;
  Expected before Christmas time is our nice bonus ,courtesy Mr Earl and his team of Sterling shareholders.

Oxus ;
  This is it , enough crying wolf days , Aha . Everyone seems complacent , it`s how Mr M gets them every time ,  the 1.96p threshold has been surpassed  . A good result of between 7.2 & 11.2p anticipated .

 Like Raoul I was hoping for longer to invest a little more , the best laid plans , ah well .

Metro Baltic ;
 Waiting for Ronan to drop the bomb on us pretty soon  ,this could happen anytime from now onwards .


  These three are the main participants in the portfolio , without their conclusion , my hands are tied . Of course there is Equatorial Palm Oil , which I hope will be concluded in the next three weeks . This will release funds for the addition of the share I have been watching rise and not been able to invest in yet .
Patience is a four letter word , especially for us men .


The Market ;
  Slowly heading towards 7200 , will it make it by the end of the year ? Yes .
As I have been predicting this since March ( after the rise of Jan / Feb ).
  As for next year , watch this space , as usual history will guide us above the current 230.15 % profit and beyond , hopefully . Annualised return rate stands at 46% .

  Good luck all and May Your Prophet go with you ,


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