Sunday, 15 September 2013

Diary of An Investor

  Interesting stuff occurring especially towards the week`s end  .Mind you it`s about time .
Firstly , the most pleasing development is my only oil share ( at present ) . Sacoil is about to re-list . Being re-capitalised  at a lot less than Gairloch had hoped for . Although 2 billion + shares is scary . One hopes that the future company will be one of africa`s finest .
  HCP mammoth rise and fall  and some sold and moved to MET .
  Also , and no less important Oxus Gold . As, I have been buying for the last two months and have reached my target of portfolio allocation . I shall hope for success , with bated breath . I still expect roughly 11.2p return , on this one . Remember Tau Capital , they assumed something will occur before this year`s end . Could they be correct ? Circa 1.96 and above and I will feel ,that a positive result is certain .
  Now the choice of this month`s allocation , I think that RUR will be it .Rurelec big news anticipated ,now the three month deliberation has been crossed . Expect it about late October , an RNS in our favour . I can`t see this one turning into a Gold Reserve case ( still ongoing ).

  Finally , the market , hopefully that expected run up to 7200 , will occur soon , signs are reasonably positive .

  Good luck and May your Prophet go with you .


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