Sunday, 25 August 2013

The life and times of an investor

First of all the list of five / Now six  :

    MET    +77%
    OXS    -21%
    RUR    +15
    CHL    +7
    HCP    +263
    PFP     - 40%

    MET : Expect another rapid rise to occur soon and stabilisation at a yet higher level . Especially when more concise figures are proffered via the next RNS.
    OXS :  A not entirely unexpected drop to the low 1.3p level , aka MTT . As we have been informed something will occur before this year end`s . One has high hope`s .
    RUR ; Surely ,with all the good news surrounding this one , it can only go up .Peter and the team ,seem to have already spent a large portion on future investment . A cunning indicator ?
    CHL ; Just about at jurisdiction ,which in my eyes . Will make this next year`s must add .Thoughts are the price will fluctuate quite a bit , whatever the outcome of the oncoming event .
    HCP ; One of my few shares not being a legal case . Future depends almost exclusively on Shore capital ( dodgy ). Hopeful rather than optimistic .
    PFP ;  Legal complexities abound in this one . What has grabbed attention is the stability around the 1/2p level . That bodes well . But , as with all legal cases . 63 % chance of success , whenever General Mismanagement decides to get his boots back on . Could be a while .

   Good news indeed , as we climb back up to this year`s pinnacle . Positive  news expected to continue as the markets continue the clamber north . Hopefully , I can avoid trading too much , my worst habit and enjoy my fruits , expected to bear a glut of glad tidings  in the months leading to the Christmas period .
  Overall portfolio year profit + 20% , been traversing -8% to + 40% . Sitting pretty at +20% today .
  Several things of interest this week , news of Rurelec being the first out of the block , or most highly likely , aka recent upswing in share price. But , one never knows exactly which way to look as news will out , at the most inopportune of times . Recent adding to Oxus & PFP seems to have been a wise move also , time will reveal all .
  Mining companies have been enjoying all the fun of late , will it continue ? As usual ,pick your stock and have patience .

  Good luck and may your Prophet go with you .

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