Sunday, 18 August 2013

Share Number 5 pays up

Hotel Corp        27 %
Metro Baltic      20 %
Oxus                 19 %
Rurelec              14 %
Churchill            14 %

    So , a good investment in The Hotel at Circa 0.8p . Already original investment removed and profit left running .AHa .
    Let`s hope for more of the same next week , from that one .The others , my four big guns are pretty stable and waiting on news ; Rurelec is favourite to be out of the traps and upwardly mobile , within the next twelve weeks  , destiny is now upon us . Good luck all holders involved ,especially Swooped ,Steve and theblue to mention , but  a few of my fellow cohorts.
   The market , has gold turned a corner ? Still in the sceptical camp . But , silver indicates that $18.80 was the bottom , long term . For 2030 buy that shiny stuff .
   Of course , still expecting 7200 FTSE this year . After this little dip downwards has completed .

     Happy trading all and may your Prophet go with you

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