Sunday, 4 August 2013

Aiming for 2030 -

Aiming for 2030.

   Ftse hits 30,000.
Dow Jones hits 80,000.

  All seems pretty unlikely as we are at 6,000 & 14,000 respectively today.These of course , are based on my own methodology and not allowing for re-rating by governing bodies.
  And of course all important bottoms, should be 12,000 & 21,000 if 2030 is the big drop year.

 What does this tell us ? The stock market is still pretty good long term value ,even for those whom don`t wish to trade their shares regularly.Especially dividend stocks of which there are several ,or even better dividend paying index stocks.

  One thing for sure ,bet my sister and cousin wish they had listened to my advice.

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