Friday, 19 July 2013

When is too high , too high ?

    Not yet , as anticipated and predicted when I found jan/feb to be positive ,the race to 7000 + continues.
Good to see so many bears are still out there .Without the worried , I would be worried.
    My shares are performing pretty badly ,time heals all wounds . But, promise of news soon from at least two MET and CHL ,will soon brighten up my aura .
  Oxus , my faithful friend is still hugely at an underside , patience needed. Next year perhaps is our diamond mine. Rurelec may come in before the end of the year,  fingers crossed .
   If I had money , which I don`t , gold miners have been crucified , any readers with money please take the hint .The chinese index is very low @ 2000 .
  Four months to end of year ,ups and downs along the way expected . But , the goal is coming closer .

   Good luck and may your Prophet go with you.

   Up the Church xx

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