Friday, 7 June 2013

Trading observations .

   Again , my theory was almost spot on 6300 , being the buy point . Unfortunately even upping my stake to £93 . The stop loss was still triggered by Mr IG . Shame , I will have to wait until I have larger funding is available .
  The market , still sell gold target $1150 ,may or may not be eclipsed . But , notice it`s buddy silver this week , cometh down to new lows of just about under $20 .Which I prevaricated as occurring in earlier posts. All the runes are coming into line , as expected .Thus $17.8 is a real proposition .
 Gold`s fall ,stocks gain .Keep in mind stocks are due for a real correction in early 2014 .But , target 7200 by the end of this year .

  Anticipating going to my first shareholder meeting at Rurelec soon . June 29th .

               Rurelec                                          30 %
               Churchill Mining                             24 %
               Metro Baltic                                   24 %
               Oxus                                              14 %

  Happy trading and may your prophet go with you.

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