Saturday, 18 May 2013

Portfolio 19th May 2013

Rurelec   30 %
    Churchill Mining  25%
      Metro Baltic Horizons 20 %
         Oxus Gold 15 %

        No surprise ,this week .A portion of nibbling going on in Rurelec and Metro . Churchill erratic .
        Oxus gold is now way oversold , and you should be adding at this new happy price.

        The Market ,
             Upwards momentum maintained as expected ,after January / February re-think . Correction planned for January - May 2014 .
    Gold has become last month`s fashion , and the evacuation  will continue for a while yet . Do not forget ,these snakes always lead to a nice ladder . I am assuming March 2014 as the new buy point into gold or silver . Though of course , history will be our guide .
            By the way , I haven`t forgotten that undervalued share . One is still waiting on that .........

  Happy trading all and may your Prophet go with you 

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