Saturday, 11 May 2013

11 May 2013 ....

  Rurelec   30 %
    Churchill Mining  30%
      Metro Baltic Horizons 20 %
         Oxus Gold 10 %

  The portfolio had a very nice end to the week , mainly thanks to The Church . It did seem to be the only dicey share I have in my portfolio ,  may not be so bad after all .Options at 48p speaks volumes  :  as I remember those 1p oxus options two years hence.
  As for the others Rurelec is trending upwards very slowly .
 Metro Baltic will rocket on the next news (again).
Oxus Gold is looking very good value at under 2.5p , I may be able to add some more soon.


  As for the market as a whole .Climbing up towards the 7000+ ,towards the end of the year continues .In the usual step process . Please remember our 4.4 years is due january 2014 onwards . When I am assuming a 15 -20 % correction . History itself repeats  . Has served us very well thus far and we will continue to monitor  market discombobulations. After all , we were originally expecting the correction this May ,until history stepped in .

   It`s good to see , enough fear out there to confirm the trend continuation . Upwards and onwards this year .2013 has turned into bully heaven . Bully for you if you got involved . Commiserations to those who didn`t .


 Precious materials , still waiting on a slightly lower entry point on these .Around $22 .50 on silver should be on us soon .

 In fact , the material sector as a whole is due to be the pre-eminent force in the rest of the year`s gains .
Nice to have this confirmed by the man from Blackrock . Whom sees copper as a great play for the next three years . ( Hope you are taking notes Michael )  (COPA unleveraged or LSIL leveraged ) .

         Happy trading all and may your prophet  go with you .

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