Saturday, 6 April 2013

A personal view of the FTSE "april 2012".

  Another week`s trading ends with a pullback of sorts . As several have been predicting ( including myself ) .
That it happened in april and so early is very illuminating and one feels add `s to the historical theorum case .
  One would expect a pullback to the 6080 level . Just to frighten the natives a little . Or even , back to the 5880 level is a possibility . As we are holding to the end of the year at least , this is inconsequential . But , good luck to the day trader`s .

 Gold it seems is now fixed at $1550 , at bottom . Which is of more interest for the long term inventory. Take note investor . The case for $3400 at the top of the market is now looking very solid indeed.

  As mining and miners have been trashed ,one is looking keenly to invest in this area again pretty soon. Seems to me materials are well undervalued at this point and have plenty of upside , metals and softs . One can see world trade rolling along quite tamely for several years yet .


  Having just being given extra funds for investment , I have stuck to my court case legacy . Half each Churchill Mining and Rurelec . Now we await with bated breath , an expected good result .Especially in Rurelec`s case. No pressure to make the fund increase in the one year timescale , at present one still has a few largely undervalued stocks on the radar .


  Good luck and happy trading

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