Friday, 29 March 2013

Portfolio Update 29/ 03 / 13

Rurelec               32 %
Metro Baltic        21%
Churchill Mining   16 %
Oxus Gold           16%
Cyan Holdings        5 %
Sacoil                     8 %

   An interesting shortened week.
   Next week will be a blockbuster ,as Rurelec begins to agitate the market .Hopefully the court case will go as planned .
   You will notice ,the big rise in Churchill in the portfolio. Luckily , being at home has it`s advantages and I had time to switch from poor old Oxus. Costly , in fees . But , so far looking very worthwhile. With oodles more to come from Churchill , if they now have the backers as one expects.At current price still very cheap , ie 25p.
   As for Oxus , a lot of irrelevant information posted this week , more than usual . Thus, holding reduced for a short while . My predilection for occurrences during April , have somewhat diminished. Now expecting late 2013 , to be the time to be in .
   Metro Baltic , sold a few this week and still no movement in share price . Interesting.

  As to the main market , as expected up we go towards 7000 , by the end of the year . Leeds / Cyprus , no problem .Yes , they are the same size . World growth chugs upwards gently , as usual after such a painful retraction . It `s still a buyers paradise , out there in the market .
  Even I can spot many undervalued shares . If you can`t see them , then bully for you.

  Oh yes , profit has been assumed this week , thanks to the Church . Knew religious studies would pay one day .
I wonder if that miserable colleague of mine bought some. Mind you that was Christmas 2011 . As usual ,patience pays dividends .

   Happy trading

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