Saturday, 9 March 2013

09/03/13 Portfolio Update

      Oxus Gold      34 %
      Metro Baltic    25 %
      Rurelec            28 %
      Trevaria             5 %
      Sacoil                8 %

   Progress is good , especially in terms of Rurelec . Patience will be handsomely rewarded .Over the next few years this will only go up and up aka those magnificent men .
   Oxus , also performed well .Expect a tiny downdraft , for the next week or two.
   Trev , may be possible to re-enter at below 0.4 , which is good value and a safe long term play .
   Metro Baltic , patience must be your greatest weapon. News will come.......eventually. Good luck to Barnaby ( good lad ).
    Sacoil ---- No comment.

   Friday`s trading on Barclays was very interesting , after spotting a large trade the night before . One can sometimes spot the manipulation of shares , before one`s eyes.
   If I was a day trader , which I cannot yet afford . the opportunities arise , before your eyes.

  The Market , expected down tick will be very minor . FTSE should hit 7000 before the year`s end .Target of 6470 broached far too easily and the wall of worry , as always our best indicator of upturns .History as always will be our guide.

          Happy Trading

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