Sunday, 3 March 2013

03 /03 /2012 Portfolio Update

Oxus Gold                35 %
Metro Baltic              25%
Rurelec                      20%
Trevaria                     10%
Sacoil                        10 %

          Another interesting week . Big news an investor appears , adding to confidence shown by Mr R Shead and Oliver ( the understudy ) .
  One can only surmise as the share has slowly crept upwards ( I predicted this in earlier postings ), that the final result will fall in our favour . The next eight weeks are going to be illuminating for Oxus . Mr Gibbons one assumes has deep pockets . Hold for 11.2p .

    Metro Baltic , another trade sell goes through and yet no movement in price . Holding for a good RNS anticipated before the end of april . Good luck Barnaby . Hold for 16.5p.

    Rurelec , as a huge investment of 22 % of the company has been recently acquired , rather cheaply in my opinion . A detailed offer expected very soon . Like MTT , perhaps of 12p . Some scoundrel is bound to try it on . Hold out for 30p minimum.

    Trevaria ( the winding up play ). Keep buying as many as possible , when your cash allows .This is a long term beauty , dividends expected every year ,leaving us from this point . Well in cash profit plus .

    Sacoil , my little minnow . A detailed study of acreage will prove fruitious as long as the BOD , don`t rob us . That has yet to be proven . Thus far , their record has not been over - enamouring . Stick with it , the good will out .

    The market hopefully will come down to expected buy in price of 5800 , perhaps sooner than anticipated . Flash crash sooner rather than later . Ideal buy in point anticipated middle of may 2013 .

   Happy trading all .

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