Saturday, 23 February 2013

The weekly update

Oxus Gold                        35 %
Metro Baltic Horizons       24%
Rurelec                             20%
Sacoil                                10%
Cyan                                   3 %
GMA                                  1%
Trevaria                              5 %

Cash                                   2 %

   A nice move into TRV just in time for a good rise and nice dividend .Much more too come from that one .
Rumours abound from OXS ,expect good news before the end of april .
  Metro ,much patience needed ,wait wait and patience required.
   Rurelec ,rising reasonably and more expected .
As for the remainder , GMA looks cheap .

   The market , a first weekly drop encountered , as anticipated , money is running out in the current bull run .
Expect trade between 6150 and 6500 for a while until april .When red rules .

 Happy trading all ,


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