Friday, 1 February 2013

The Expected Correction 2013

  Pullback or correction , one is due and not always as severe as expected.

 Checking through history ,verbatim aka my theorum ,the correction should be quite mild coming up.
As they happen every 4.4 years on average.

  Thus,one should target 5880,as per FTSE ,as a very good buy in point. All good news for another 4.4 years hence this .Which will take us to 2018.

   As for the next one , it should be a stonker in 2018. By that one means it will be a tad sharper .

   As for another 2009/8. These kind of events tend to happen every 28 years +.

  In summation , you have missed the ideal buy point ,latecomers 2009 april was it. But,the party is not over, and is expected to last for many years yet.  At a guess 2040 will be a bit of a dire year. If history repeats itself   ,so far in my Investing diary ,so good.
    Let history be your guide.

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