Sunday, 10 February 2013

Expected 24.5p ,Oxus Gold Story

Exciting times ahead ,

  March 2012 ,was when the story began to pay handsomely for those whom followed this amazing story of subterfuge and intrigue.
  Being a minor miner in a foreign land is no easy place to survive. Oxus had done this since the early 1970`s.
  As of today, share price recovery from 1 to 3p ,shows a new willingness of buying strength. Promoted by legal backing and Board / Accountants taking shares in lieu of cash. A litigation specialist picking up the tab in Calunius .
  Of particular note were the words extremely confident ,utilised by our front man Richard Shead, let`s hope his bravado is not misplaced.

  I am expecting ,the end game to be exactly the same as Metal Tech Ltd, ie ,  roughly x 8 , for those that stick with it to the bitter I usually do. Although Aik Rosenburg was a lot more involved , 80% owner. In comparison to Richard`s 2 % .

  Fingers crossed my confidence is not betrayed and my research pays dividends .£4,000 worth .

  Special mention to Doow and the one other person ,Adam`s son whom listened to me on this one.

           gla @ Team Oxus


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