Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Speculating On The Market Jan 2013

Twas very nice to have my analogy confirmed by UBS brokers.
As of early year rises ,they continue apace.Many shares are undervalued and commodity prices are back in the doldrums ,good call Ben .And nice work if you can get it.
The future holds this continuous bull run to continue.Small setback expected from april to june.
Hopefully providing me with a opportunity, to purchase some less risky shares at a good price.My estimate is late june that opportunity will arise.
As for now,holding almost only arbitration cases ,thus almost unaffected by market discombobulations.
Several shares are extremely undervalued at present ;
AJ Lucas at $2 is a steal. ( No Holding as yet )and Falklands oilers are good value.
Metro Baltic Horizons ,Oxus Gold and Rurelec are my only big players.
Let`s hope I have picked wisely.
If you are trading indexes keep trading down at present,you will get them back cheaper later in the year.


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